My Older Posts

Glad to finally get this set up – years of procrastination.

I’ve been off-and-on blogging for some time at a variety of places. Here are some links to some of my older posts:

VisionMobile – My buddy Andreas Constantinou, encyclopedic knowledge of the mobile industry.
Feb 11, 09: Inventory Convergence: Mobile Ads, PC Ads or Both?

GotoMobile – Run by my friend Kelly Goto – most awesomest UX thinker!
Nov 5, 07: Mobile Advertising Redux

O’reilly – Blogging for O’reilly Emerging Telephony until it shut down.
Sep 25, 07: The Vodafone UK Debacle
Aug 12, 07: Why Widgets Remind Me of Mobile Development
Jul 6, 07: Side-Decking
Jun 20, 07: Is the Walled Garden Getting Worse?
Jun 6, 07: The MMS Hockey Stick
May 24, 07: Is Off-Deck Browsing Really Growing?


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