The Mobile Reserve

A little late with this posting but a couple weeks ago, I took a vacation to Alaska. I went to the back-country in Denali which is interestingly known as a game reserve. Most national parks are preserved for their beauty but Denali is preserved for it’s wildlife (not that it’s not beautiful but ask me offline what I ran in to, ha!). In any case, I realized it was still one of the few places where you could be out of cellular coverage for hundreds of square miles – completely disconnected.

While taking the bus into the park, one of the other passengers was joking how his cellular coverage seems to extend further and further past the entrance of the park. Well, imagine a world 25-50 years from now, where to get out of coverage, you have to go to a “Mobile Reserve” where there are no cell towers installed and/or jammers are installed to intentionally kill coverage especially since solar base stations are starting to take-off. Being totally off the grid may become a thing of the past.

Author: mobileraj


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