Mobile Beyond & NARIP

Just did a Podcast i-view for Brian @ Mobile Beyond on Skyfire and mobile cloud computing. FYI, Brian has some interesting content on his blog so definitely check it out.

BTW, NARIP asked me to link to this – I did a simple write-up on how to distribute music via mobile.

Update (7/6/10): I recently spoke on a panel at the Soul Music Conference and there were some great takeaways.

1. Marketing your music is hard with digital distribution, there is a lot of noise on the internet so focus on hyper-niche. For example, focus on not the broader demographic but the small audience that is East Oakland, mid-40s and into country jazz and so forth. Create a hyper-niche and focus on that audience and then expand (ie concentric marketing).

2. Learned of a new tool called Mobbase that is a cheaper alternative to MobileRoadie – both are great options for creating some application presence.

3. Leverage Bandcamp to create your artist or band homepage. It is a lot more elegant than Myspace and offers many cool tools to manage music, photos and so forth.

4. Lastly, Web 2.0 marketing is all about conversations – great takeaway. It’s no longer blasting consumers with information but having conversations with users who share similar passions. The example was another panelist who was passionate about Smurfs. He joined all the Smurf blogs and would actively discuss Smurfs – this passionate conversation meant all of those users also knew he was an artist and were willing to try his music – awesome!

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