Sharing Overload?

I probably am not the case study for over-sharing data but there is no denying that there is a broader trend of sharing personal data. This is how I use the following services:

I use Facebook for photos, personal thoughts, birthdays and friends/fam events. I don’t tend to post too many photos myself and I’ve been kind of light on posting personal thoughts, mostly because I haven’t spent the time to organize my social circles (eg family, friends, acquaintances).

I use Picassa for more professional photo albums, often captured with a digital camera as opposed to my phone. I still use Flickr a bit as well and those photos are always public and tend to be more real-time.

I use Twitter for random and professional thoughts, often with a mobile bias since most of my followers are mobile geek-heads.

I haven’t really used FourSquare yet, mostly because I’m scared I’ll be addicted to mayorship but obviously, it’d be used to publish my location to friends; I did try Google Latitude for a short bit but it being mapped to my Gmail contacts was overload!

I have registered for Blippy but I haven’t yet given them my Amazon and Bank Account etc details; I’m holding out to make sure it’s secure but there is no doubt that the data they are collecting is absolutely interesting. I have found myself scanning some friends who use the service and being fascinated by their purchases.

I have used a mix of services to share what I’m listening to, including and others. I’m definitely more top 100 and so I’m probably not an exciting musical person to follow.

I’ve started using a mix of services to blog what I’m eating, fascinating data from many angles including tracking my lifestyle and showing the world how much I eat-out (meaning unhealthy)!

I guess I should also include LinkedIn, although I don’t update it as frequently, I’ve thought about using it to start sharing what I’m reading, in terms of books etc and my favorite blogs which I’m often pinged about.

I suppose, I should also include my own blog where I share other misc thoughts that can’t be characterized in 140 character snippets.

All of this represents my identity and if aggregated, probably an advertisers gold-mine – I’m sure they can extrapolate an incredible behavioral profile, some pieces like what I buy and where I eat being a lot more monetizable than others.

My question is how does this evolve? Do I end up sharing more and eventually use services like Zeo to share when I sleep? Who becomes the ultimate aggregator of all of this data and how is all this data shared? There is an argument for being open with the data but in some way the data is also your IP? And how many of these services will require user-initiated publishing/sharing as opposed to implicit sharing (eg location constantly being broadcasted). All of this in someways contributes to an ADDish lifestyle because of the constant pinging with different social graphs.

Thoughts? I guess the counter argument is that I live in the Bay Area πŸ™‚

Author: mobileraj


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