Tech Discrimination

I recently posted this on my Facebook and it triggered quite a bit of discussion. I was borderline surprised to see at least 1 commenter write that they would intentionally bump PCs they saw at coffee shops – probably a bit extreme but certainly acknowledges the reality of tech. Whether it be your choice of laptop, smartphone or even apps – don’t the cool kids use Snapchat? I guess we all want to be cool again – see below repost from Facebook.

Per my FB post below, here are some of my notes on migrating from Windows to Mac.


(Reposting from Facebook, July 28, 2015)

So I’ve officially made the switch to Mac – yes, I’m like a decade behind my colleagues and almost embarrassed to write this. At Tempo, I justified using a Windows laptop because I had to test Exchange sync with our calendar but secretly it was because I was an Office and Outlook die-hard and I couldn’t bear making the switch off of Outlook (not to mention, I didn’t think Windows was that bad 🙂

Well now that Tempo is part of Salesforce and my laptop is entering it’s 3rd year, it’s time to make a switch. The change interestingly is less so because I care about switching to Mac but more so because of the “tech discrimination” I used to get using Windows. In the last month, I’ve caught-up with multiple investors and I’d ask the point-blank question, what do you think if someone pitches with a PC. Most said, “I don’t really care but my partner…” -> cop-out! Clearly you’re at a disadvantage if you pitching with a PC.

Independent of that, I can’t tell you how many times I used to get funny stares speaking at conferences whipping out a PC. It always took a little bit of miracle-work because Mac connectors to the projectors have become the default.

I also remember being asked once in an interview in ’07 if I was a Mac or PC user, ha! In any case, I have folded to the peer pressure and probably upgraded at the same time. Technology is meant to be replaced with better!

Good luck Microsoft with the Window 10 launch tomorrow! And hoping that you can fix the consumer sentiment but unfortunately, it’s often winner take all until the next tidal change.

PS I’m working on a lengthy blog post at my personal website on how I configured Fusion with OSX so I can keep Outlook 🙂 until they get Outlook 2016 on Mac in parity!

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