Got to Love the Music Industry

So unfortunately, I missed the San Fran Music Tech run by my good friend Brian Zisk. In any case, I was chatting with a buddy catching-up on how the event was and as always, he pointed out that about half the attendees were attorneys. Now don’t get me wrong, I have lots of good attorney friends and some of the most insightful conversations I have at music conferences are with industry attorneys but you have to wonder why is this the case?

So I’m pulling up a slide here – I reconstructed it pretty quickly, it was originally shown in an episode of South Park:
Business Model

You got to love it! Is this the slide for the music Web 2.0 industry:
Business Model for Music Industry


What Platforms Should I Build For?

FYI – Re-posting this since my server had crashed and this was between a backup.
At a recent dinner with a number of friends from the mobile gaming industry, I validated that iPhone was the #1 platform in terms of revenue but what’s interesting is what the rest of the platform stack looks like in the US – in order of revenue rank:

1. iPhone
2. Blackberry
4. J2ME
5. Android

One of the game publishers said iPhone was doing 7X Blackberry which was their #2. Note, in the BB App World, apps are often listed upwards of $20. Also interesting to see Android at the bottom of the list but I fully expect that to climb especially as more Android based devices are launched later this year assuming we don’t have massive app store fragmentation on the platform. That being said, I also hear Android has the highest return rate, near 75% for some developers given how seamless the process is to return an application (clicking a button rather than having to make a phone call).

BREW is still a big money-maker and several X more than J2ME even though it’s basically a Verizon-only proposition – this story hasn’t changed from 01. The contrarian move would be to double-down on BREW given that so many developers are focused on the high-end. Also interesting is that S60 and Windows Mobile are not on the map but again, I fully expect that to change once the Ovi store is in full-force and the Windows Marketplace is up and running.