Top 6 Reasons Why Nokia Doesn’t Have a Capacitive Touch Screen

Disclaimer: I have a lot of friends at Nokia; this is meant to be friendly and I do look forward to your awesome phones this year!

6. Double-tap for zoom is great but come on guys, we’re still working on integrating login across Ovi. Pinch and zoom, that’s complex software!

5. We are focused on the variants between N90 and N900. N1000?! That means we have to change our manufacturing process, errr!

4. Apple-spat! Patents on multi-touch? Ha, we’re saving pennies aka margin on every device, you wait and see!

3. As any prudent company, it’s our fidicuary responsibility to provide a stylus to all of our enterprise customers.

2. If you were smart, you’d see that in the recent handset reports that we dominate in emerging countries. We don’t need capacitive to differentiate! We’re GOD in Africa and India!

1. You do understand we live in Finland. This is not the Bay Area, gloves don’t work with capacitive!

Looking forward to seeing that capacitive Nokia ๐Ÿ™‚